Casinos with Well-Known Aviator Games ?

Casinos with Well-Known Aviator Games ?

Casinos with Well-Known Aviator Games

There’s a massive tendency for gaming platforms to introduce Aviator as an available option. For those who still don’t know what type of games Aviator is, here we are with a complete review of this casino product. Here you will get to know how the things work there and maybe right after this would start trying it out yourself.

Crash Gambling – What is it?

Aviator is an online casino game, representing a type, called crash gambling (also sometimes called plane games online). Aviator games include a line, showing a movement of a plane. Players make bets before another round starts. As only the game starts, the plane also starts moving and there appears a multiplication count. The numbers start rising and stop as only the plane crashes. The aim of the player is to press “cash out” button before the plane crashes. The numbers in the multiplication window at the moment when players press the button shows how much times their bets would be multiplied. But if a player couldn’t handle to press the button before the plane crashes – he losses all the money in this round.

The appeal of crash titles for gamblers is their fast speed and high risk on the one side, but excitement and rewarding type of nature on the other. At the time of playing crash type of games, bettors also have an option to use automatic cash-out buttons, not just manually placed bets. For some this options potentially can give more chances for wins, if used carefully.

A Great Place to Play Crash Gambling at the Aviator Casino

A game, called Aviator for a moment is a leading one in the segment of crash plane games at all the world leading online casino platforms and software providers. But it is still only one of the possible variants in this segment, just the most popular one.

Before you start playing Aviator, try to make sure that you choose a reliable online casino to play for real money. Nowadays Aviator game becomes more and more popular and used at a lot of different platforms, and you can’t know if all of them are trustworthy and reliable ones. Double check the information about the casino, it’s license, reviews, even if you see at once, that there’s Aviator game available here.

Aviator: How Does It Work?

Aviator is a casino game for those, who like to take risk and can do it responsibly. It is all due to instant nature of the game. The rounds are done very quick, and you can place a lot of bets during a certain period of time, instead of putting a single bet and wait for the results to come. But still you can put a single bet on one round, increase your winnings e.g. 50 times and stop playing. The multiplication in this game hasn’t got any limits, everything depends on random numbers generator and your luck. So there can be round, when the plane crashes at 150x multiplication, but the very next round ends up at 1.02, which is less than within a second after the start of the round.

Let’s once again determine general rules of the Aviator game.

All the bets are done in between rounds; the game gives a certain amount of time for all players to finish making their bets. All you need to do is just pick a bet sum and confirm it, there are no other things for you to fill in in the bet slip.

After the time to make bets ends, another round of the game starts. The plain starts moving and the numbers, showing your bet multiplication as well. At the beginning, the numbers rise not that fast, but the longer plane remains flying, the faster the winning coefficient increases.

So for the players the main thing is to decide, whether to wait for a multiplication coefficient to become higher (as there are no maximum limits) or press the cash out button to withdraw winnings with a current coefficient. The first option can increase winnings dramatically, but at the same time, if you don’t press the button before the plane crashes, you would be left with regrets about not pressing it earlier.

Aviator: Key Features

It’s always important to understand main terminology, rules and conditions of each game you play, before you start doing it with your own money. Nothing new we can say in this matter for Aviator. And what’s more, for that type of instant games, it is especially important to make sure you clearly realize how things work there, before starting to play on real money. Let’s introduce basic terminology, used in Aviator games and describe it with simple words.


Bet in Aviator game is just a matter of choosing a sum, you want to put on results of the closest round, there’s nothing more for you to do. Here there are no limits of the number of bets, you can make as many as you could manage to put before the round starts.


It’s a button, allowing you to stop taking part at a current round immediately, close down your bet and “freeze” multiplier for you. Your bet would be cashed out immediately, its sum would be multiplied on the frozen coefficient. As only you press the button, all the other results of this round are not important for you, you stop participating in the game before the next round.

Auto Cashout

It’s an option of the Aviator game, allowing to automatically stop participating in all the further rounds, as only the plane reaches a certain height (which actually means that the coefficient reaches certain numbers). As only it happens, the system without your participating initiates cash out and stops the round for you. All the other rules remain unchanged. If the plane crashes before the “trigger” you gave to the system, you also lose your bet in this round, the same as if you place a bet manually yourself.

Cash-based Gaming

Those players, who already tried Aviator game would tell you, that it’s one of the most enjoyable ones, and sometimes it is hard to stop playing more and more rounds. Even one successful round can give you a 100 or 200 times (or any other digits) increase, which would not only cover previous losses but allow you to easily earn a huge sum of money, just for your patience and staying calm and devoted to the process. In each single round the odds increase faster, as the plain goes higher in the air, until you finally make a decision to cash out.

 In Aviator game it’s always your decision: how much money to put on another round and what’s more important, at which moment to stop the round. The game allows you to use your own style: if you’re more about taking risk, you can wait as long as possible at all the rounds, searching for the one, when the plane would stay long, allowing you to multiply your winnings 100, 200, 300 times. These digits are given as example, in the real game coefficient may be absolutely different: starting from 1.01 and finishing with hundreds.  Additionally, with accurate and precise use of Autoplay and Auto Cashout options, you can maximize your winnings and control your gambling session.

Aviator Algorithm

Aviator is a game, based on a random numbers generator, but it uses its own variation of the technology. RNG system determines the time, when the plane would crash in every single round, and the same goes for winning coefficient. These ones are mutually dependent: the longer RNG would allow the plane to stay up in the air before it crashes, the more winning coefficient is. So those players, who choose to stay more, without pressing cash out button would be prized with huge winnings.

No matter which exact online casino you use, you can always verify the fairness of the algorithm, used in the Aviator game. Check out the history of the rounds and you can easily see, that there are no any tendencies in the results, as all the coefficients are completely random.

General Aviator Rules

The game process of the Aviator game is simplified to the most possible degree. All you need to do is just place bet, wait for another round to start and as only the plane goes high in the air pick out a right moment to stop a round for you, before the plane crashes and you lose all the money if there were no cashed out bets before that.

But there are some restrictions, introduced in the Aviator game. The first one to mention deals with a bet sum limits. So here you can bet a minimum of $0.1 for a single bet, while the maximum in the majority of Australian casinos is AU$100. But pay attention, that according to rules and conditions of each separate casino provider, the limits could be slightly different, these are the ones, introduced by the Aviator developers. Also, even if the highest limits are too low for you, and you’re the one, who likes to hit it big, still nobody can stop you from putting a lot of bets on the results of one single round, as many as you can possibly put before another round starts.

In some casinos also, they modify the game according to their own rules. For example, they can limit a winning coefficient up to 200, which is the most popular case. But still in the majority of cases we can speak about absence of higher limits.

How to start playing Aviator game?

As only you choose a reliable and trustworthy casino platform, introducing Aviator game as an available option in the lobby, you’re to create an account (if you’re new), make a deposit (if necessary). So then you’re ready to enjoy Aviator game.

A good news for newcomers is that Aviator game is the one, available to play in a demo mode. It means, you can try it out without taking risks with your own money. Just check out the gaming process, make sure you understand how things work there. But in this case we guess you would get everything just after 2 or 3 rounds, as here everything is simplified to the most possible degree.

Aviator: Where Can I Play It?

Let’s once again go back to the question of choosing a platform to play Aviator game, as we find it a really important one. Nowadays Aviator becomes more and more popular among players, so more and more new casinos introduce it in their lobbies. As we can say after analyzing current situation at the market, we found out a tendency mostly for cryptocurrency-based casinos to more often introduce Aviator game.

Once again we want you to make sure you play Aviator only at trustworthy and reliable places. The ideal case is when it is a casino, that you used to play yourself earlier and you know it to be a legal one, operating fairly. Of course, it’s the best possible option, but unfortunately it can’t always happen this way.

So if you’re looking for a new casino, that you didn’t play before, having Aviator in lobby, make sure you check it out for openly displaying:

License information.
Jurisdiction, place of residence.

Also, try to check out as more independent and unbiased information sources. Read reviews of real players. Of course, we can’t say, that you’re to look for an operator with 100% of positive reviews (vice versa you’re to be afraid, if you see that). But still, the balance of positive and negative reviews should be much more into the positive side.

To make your choice process easier, we introduce our list of reliable casino service providers, where Aviator game is available for you to enjoy:

N1 Casino.
Joo Casino.
Fightclub Casino.

You can easily create a new account at any of above-mentioned sites and be absolutely convinced, that the quality of service, legacy, fair acting and all the other important aspects are on the best possible level, as our team carefully analyzed the work of each separate casino in the list. Here there are only those, we can recommend to our readers as reliable and trustworthy online casinos.

Live Betting

It’s a relatively new option, introduced in the Aviator game, as very first variants didn’t have it. So if the platform you play introduce it, you can put bets not just before the round starts, but even after the plane goes high in the sky. But this mode is not available in a lot of casinos for a moment.

Another thing for live betting is a possibility to instruct your partners, still remaining in the game, when you yourself are done with bets at this round and cashed out your own bets. A special live panel shows all the players of the round, their bets, wagers and winnings. You can take a look at those, who are still in the game and give a piece of advice when to leave a bet. Together with a chat box available, the game process becomes even more exciting as you can take part in the discussion of bets and share your successful results as well as losses.

How to Win in Aviator Crash Game

In general, almost all the online casino players could be divided into 2 big groups. The representatives of the first one, are those, who come here just for fun, and never consider playing out there as a serious source of income.

Also, there are those, who take it seriously and always want to increase their chance to win. If you’re more into this type, you need to have a strategy. So here we would like to introduce different alternatives. Of course, none of those are 100% working plans, allowing to absolutely always win in Aviator (we guess our readers understand, that it is simply impossible). But still, following our prompts would give you a chance to prevent constant bank losses and on the contrary: increase a chance for some massive winnings.

Follow your plan

The very first thing is discipline. If you don’t want to keep on losing your money over and over again (who’s there to lose?) you’re to keep control over your emotions and avoid making unnecessary bets. It’s a common situation: after 2 or 3 successful rounds, where the plane went high in the sky and the wining coefficients were pretty huge, it becomes hard to make a safe decision and to press cash out button earlier. And it can lead to a serious losing streak, which is absolutely unnecessary. And it happens not just because of you being unlucky, but mostly because you let your emotion to rule the game, which is completely unacceptable. Not just for Aviator, but for any other casino game. As only emotions are on top of the thing – be ready to lose your bank quickly.

Try using Automated Betting

If used carefully, automated cash out button can help you to increase winning chances. By ‘carefully’ we mean an adequate coefficient trigger, that you give to a system. Of course, if it is too high, this option becomes absolutely useless and even causes harm. If you put too high marker, you make your chances lower. Chances for a single game, or even two to hit big numbers are not that low, but the more games in a row you play with automated cash out, the lower the chances become. But if you put reasonable numbers out there, it can help you. This function is especially essential if you’ve got an unstable internet connection or play from old devices with slow characteristics. In those cases, it becomes harder to press the cash out button on time, due to delay and other issues of technical nature. Picking out a reasonable coefficient to stop all the next rounds can help you to get rid of such problems.

One-bet or two-bet options

To make process of placing bets even faster, Aviator game introduces different options, for example two-bet. It allows you to put two bets at the same time, but you’re to pick a bet sum only at once. It can be a helpful option for experienced players, who are not afraid to put more bets on one and the same game round. But newcomers are still advised to use a standard one-bet option, until they feel enough confidence to place more bets on one and the same round.

Low risk approach

This strategy is a perfect one for a great start. Choose a small bet sum, which would be like not more than 5% of your bank. And put it on every round, then cash out as only multiplier reaches 1.20 (it’s comfortable to do with auto cash out option). For a single round one may think that it’s a low and not serious winning coefficient. But for example, if you win 5 times in a row, you double your winnings in total, which is already a great result. And chances to win 5 games with a multiplier of only 1.20 are pretty high.

Moderate risk approach

If you feel like you’re ready to try something with more risk – then you’re welcome with a strategy, we call a moderate risk approach. It better suits players with some experience, we wouldn’t advice it to newcomers, so try to be honest to yourself and not to hurry up with increasing risks if you’ve got any doubts. There’s no need to hurry up, play at your own tempo.

So the ideal multiplier numbers for this strategy are placed in between 2 and 3. You can try this method right at the beginning of the session, just to try your luck, for example to aim at 2-3 multiplier for 10 rounds straight. But we recommend you to decide which exact number of games you would use this strategy, ad follow it, not even one game more. After this, for example 10 rounds streak stop for a minute, make a pause to count your winnings or losses and then decide what you are better doing next: whether you need to change your strategy to a less risky one, or on the contrary, add even more risk (if you feel like that, why not try).

High risk strategy

As you all can easily guess, this option is just for the most experienced players, those who are likely to hit it big. According to player’s review and some other sources of statistics, approximately ones within an hour there’s a round, reaching 100x wager (it is the lowest margin, it can easily crash for example on 300x multiplier). So this particular round is an aimed one for players, taking risky strategies. For example, you may make 2 bets on random round each 30 minutes, aimed at that one round with at least 100x winnings. Decide yourself how often you would make your bets and do it. For example, if within a day you would make 20 bets (each 30 minutes within 10 hours) we can say that the chances for that “big win” are not that low as it can be seen at the first sight.

The RTP and volatility of Aviator Games

Considering a 100% RTP, the Aviator is 97 percent. Although this is high compared to regular casino games to play on a plane, it is acceptable given the situation. Having this kind of a high return on investment reduces players’ chances of losing. These plane games online are characterized by low-to-medium volatility.

So our general advice to increase your Aviator winnings is pretty much simple, but you can trust us and see yourself that it works. Here’s your plan:

Choose a reliable casino provider.
If you’re new – try out a free demo mode at first.
Avoid unnecessary risks, based on emotions.
Try out different strategies, increase risk without hurrying up, only if you’re absolutely convinced that you’re doing things right.

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